Amaka Connect Mobile App

Free App-to-app calls; Free Vides calls, Free Conference Calls; Prepaid app-to-phone calls; Confidential messaging; Voice commands; Social connection; Event Management; etc.

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Amaka QRC Scanner App

Mobile app to scan, display, and open QRCs (Quick Response Codes) and Data Matrix codes.

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ID Wallet

Mobile app that enables an individual to manage their various organizational and institutional IDs supported by the iVerify mobile ID mobile app.

Mobile App

Mobile app that enables faculty members to manage their reimbursable events such as Conferences, Workshops, Membership Dues, and Subscriptions. It captures and saves receipts and supporting documents via camera, video, images, and files (PDF,Word,etc). Electronically generates, reviews, and submits the reimbursement package to applicable signatories - Department Chair, Dean, Vice President, etc. Electronically receives the approved responses and generates the required Excel Reimbursement Report. Faculty can easily review the status of their requests.

Mobile App

Mobile app for buying and selling auto parts.
Enables Sellers to advertise and manage their auto parts. Enables Buyers to search, buy, and manage auto parts. Supports app to app chatting between buyers and sellers.

iRx Mobile

A mobile app for reliable management and verification of patients for Prescription Drugs dispensation and management.
Based on the research paper: "A Mobile Solution to Drug Prescription and Dispensation with Privacy Protection for Developing Economies", published in JADE (Journal of Advancement in Developing Economies), Vol. 8, Issue 1, Feb. 2020.
Supports Physicians, Pharmacists, and Patients for Prescription drugs management especially during medical emergencies. Enables anytime/anywhere verification of Physicians, Pharmacists, and Patients.
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Lierre Services
Mobile App

Mobile app for house cleaning services.
Supports Building/Homes/Offices, Agents, and Customers management. Customers can register their homes/buildings/offices, select cleaning agents, schedule appointments, and pay for the services. Supports customers verification of agents mobile identification. Provides location and driving information/guide to agents.